The Dolly trademark began its history in 1999 in the city of Kharkov.
This year DOLLY has celebrated its 22nd anniversary.

Initially, a small enterprise was organized in Ukraine for sewing children's backpacks, and from that moment on, a fundamental approach to the technology and quality of products became the basis.

The creators of the brand pay special attention to details in the design and sewing of bags and backpacks - this is a long, exciting and interesting process. The sample is sewn by hand, followed by painstaking analysis of patterns and details, selection of lining, zippers and accessories. Each product has its own, branded runners with the inscription "Dolly".

The priority in the development of the company has become a non-standard technological design aimed at combining classic and everyday trends, taking into account fashion trends, Dolly closely follows fashion trends, carefully studies the global fashion influences, and at the same time, prefers to create its own independent image, a unique style ...

Dolly products are medial in value, which allows fans of the brand to purchase even several products.

Today, the Dolly Trading Maca is a creative design that combines elegance, individuality and optimism with a touch of zest.

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