Samsonite is known worldwide as the most innovative luggage brand. Samsonite's unique style will surely appeal to those of you who value minimalism in design and the highest quality products.

The Samsonite company was founded in 1910 in Denver, USA. Jess Schweider, the founder of the company, was very fond of traveling, but at the time he lived there were only bulky chests for luggage. And Schweider realized that the idea of ​​creating a suitcase would be in demand. In fact, since the start of the company, Schweider has focused on the durability of suitcase lids, and this emphasis is maintained to this day in the new Samsonite suitcases. Schweider has always placed high demands on the quality and reliability of his products. Throughout the history of the company, which is more than 100 years, the company keeps up with the times, creating modern, high-quality, lightweight, strong and durable travel luggage products.

The wide range of products includes not only luggage items, but also business collections, goods for children, casual collections and accessories. With past triumphs in mind and continuing to evolve relentlessly, Samsonite brings travelers ever lighter, more durable and innovative solutions.

Samsonite's revolutionary solutions inspire travelers all over the world to new achievements, urging them not to be afraid of distances and discover new horizons.