Vera Pelle

What is Vera Pelle?

It all started over 60 years ago, when post-war Italy was looking for its place in the world economy.

Small leather goods manufacturers quickly came to the conclusion that huge financial investments were needed to attract attention to their products.

At the same time, clients know that "natural leather" is good. So why not just write "genuine leather" on your products, since consumers know and perceive such a product well?

In Italian, "natural, real" sounds like "vera" (faith), and leather - "pelle" (pelle). The idea stuck and soon many small manufacturers began to label their products in this way. Moreover, these were not only bags, but also belts, wallets, shoes, jackets.

Now Vera Pelle is a brand uniting several Italian leather goods manufacturers.

Let's talk about where the genuine leather Vera Pelle bags are made, how they are made, and why can Vera Pelle bags be bought inexpensively?

Vera Pelle bags are sold all over Italy. In any tourist destination, you will find many shops, large and small, where you will find Vera Pelle Italian leather bags for every taste.

Italy has strict laws regarding fraud. And if these bags were made somewhere else, no one would allow selling these bags under the guise of "Made in Italy". It means that the seller has one hundred percent confirmation that this is a leather bag and was made in Italy.

And the secret of the low cost of the Vera Pelle brand bags is simple - the manufacturer has refused the “extra charge for pathos”, which means that the consumer will receive an excellent, high-quality bag at a pleasant price.

You can verify the quality of the bag by asking any question to the managers of Yasvit.Shop. But personally, our advice is not to waste time, because these bags fly away like hot cakes!


2100 ₴
1950 ₴