Sports bag Wallaby 447

Vendor code: 447*

Sports bag Wallaby 447

Vendor code: 447*
800 ₴

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Manufacturer Wallaby
Country Ukraine
Объем 60
Материал Textile, Жатка
Для кого Men

Wallaby 447 bag of Ukrainian manufacturer made of very strong and waterproof fabric. The reaper is an excellent fabric, it is well cleaned with a brush, which means that the bag can not be washed. All external seams are treated with additional seals (Keder) to increase strength and reduce wear. The bag has a capacious main compartment, two capacious side pockets, a front pocket 21 cm high, each closes with a reliable zipper. The handles have a soft pad for easy carrying. The shoulder strap is attached with steel carabiners, and a rubber pad is placed on the shoulder strap for easy wearing. Rotating carbines and half rings are thicker compared to the accessories used for a regular sports bag. Zippers are also larger (No. 8 and No. 10). Due to more expensive accessories, the reliability of the bag has been increased - it can be safely used as a travel bag and loaded with an impressive weight. Bag Wallaby 371 Your choice? You can buy a bag by placing an order on our website!

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