Gift Certificate Yasvit 500

Vendor code: YSVT_006

Gift Certificate Yasvit 500

Vendor code: YSVT_006
450 ₴

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Country Ukraine
Для кого Kids, Women, Men

Can't decide on a gift, and the holiday is just around the corner? A wonderful original gift - a gift certificate from Yasvit Luggage!

The gift certificate is the cash equivalent that the certificate holder will be able to pay for any product from our store!
The certificate can be used only once a year from the date of receipt!
You can make a purchase for a larger amount by paying the difference. If the amount of the order is less than the nominal value of the certificate, the difference is not reimbursed.
 To use the certificate, enter a unique code when placing an order.

Our managers, before sending the goods to the buyer, very carefully check the ordered goods for defects and damage, we are not interested in sending defective or substandard goods, because we pay for the return of goods of improper quality. If upon receipt of the goods was found a defect from the manufacturer or any defects, the buyer may return or exchange the goods:

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